works for fixed media

Wasserlauf           2021
electroacoustic composition for 8 sound bodies       34 min.
in connection with the intermedial project MONOLITH:
stone sculpture, exeperimental music, geology
with Georg Planer, Peter Paszkiewicz, Josef Baier, Urs Kloetzli
first performance: october 3rd 2021, Pankratium Gmuend, Carinthia Austria


Baraqel             2020
fixed media stereo        6.04 min.
piece comissioned by project "resurrexit"
first performance: July 31st 2021, St. Petersburg Festival Acousmonium


three soundportraits             2019
soundportrait Kanya Kanchana   stereo   4 min.
voice/text: Kanya Kanchana

soundportrait Mersolis Schoene   stereo    3.20 min.
Love - A Memory Sculpture
film & drawings : Mersolis Schoene
sound & composition: Katharina Klement
voice: Apollonia Smaragd

soundportrait Ivan Pantelic         stereo    3.30 min.
guitar: Ivan Pantelic

first performance: march 2nd 2019, field performance "Love Matters"
by Angela Akbari, Arno Boehler, Susanne Granzer, Lisz Hirn, Kanya Kanchana,
Jessica Kaiser, Katharina Klement, Kijan Korjenic, Ivan Pantelic, Savita Rani, Mersolis Schoene
at Adishakti theater Tamil Nadu India

und alles licht in diesem ton       2017
fixed media 4-channel          20 min.
first performance dec 2  2017 at velak gala nr.100
Steinergasse 8, 1170 Wien


peripheries       2014-16
fixed media 8-channel, 9 titles         52 min.
first performance of pieces nr. 2, 3, 5: February 11th 2015, Espace Senghor, Bruxelles
series "musiques & recherches"
first performance whole work: December 2nd 2016, Alte Schmiede Wien

CD peripheries/gruenrekorder 2017/Gruen 173

Brandung III       2011
fixed media stereo  18 min.
first performance: December 10th 2011, Technical University Vienna, Kuppelsaal

music for the play "Was haengt das Leben tief wie Nebel ueberm Kukuruz" 
by E.M. Binder             2010
fixed media stereo 
first performance: February 19th 2010, dramagraz Austria

music for the reading performance "Herzzeit"        2010
correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan 
fixed media stereo, 9 titles      33 min. 
first performance: October 19th 2010 Aargauer Literaturhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland 
actors: Miriam Japp, Ursula Mihelic 

solo 2                2010
fixed media stereo    5 min.
first performance: echoraum Vienna 2010

Erscheinungsbilder         2007 
music for radioplay, text by Julian Schutting 
39 min.
first broadcast: October 23rd 2007, Austrian radio OE 1

strange loops             1999
fixed media mono 
5.30 min.
text by Brigitta Falkner 
first performance: December 3rd 1999, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria

kinema             1997
fixed media mono    8.30 min. 
comissioned by Oliver Strametz 
first performance: March 3rd 1997  Innsbruck "Galerie im Andechshof" in occasion of the exhibition of Oliver Strametz, , Austria 
further performances: September 19th 1997, Graz Schloßberg Kanonenbastei Austria

Brandung II             1996
fixed median stereo     16 min.
first performance: July 5th 1996 Allentsteig Festival "Absolute Musik" Austria 
further performances:Graz, Austria Schloßberg Kanonenbastei 1997, conservatory Zürich, Switzerland 2000 
released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996

Brandung I         1992
fixed media stereo     7 min.
performances: Bogota Festival Internacional de Musica Contemporanea, Vienna Alte Schmiede, Graz "electronic access", Sofia "Musica Nova", Crest Festival "Futura", Bratislava Festival "Beecamp" 1995 
released on CD "Brandung I/II", KalK CD 02, 1996 

David und Goliath         1992
fixed media stereo       5.30 min.
first performance: 1992, Vienna, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts 

Gestentanz             1992
fixed media mono       10 min.
comissioned for the dance-performance "Und Jetzt" by Willi Dorner 
first performance: June 18th 1992, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna 

Bardo I-VI             1991
six tape-compositions 4-channel         25 min.
first performance: January 11th 1992 Jesuitenkirche Aschaffenburg Germany on the occasion of an exhibiton by Ralf Münz 
further performances: Budapest Hungarian radio, Festival "Absolute Musik" 1994 Linz, Austria
partly released on CD GEM 9701, elektronischer Fruehling, electroacoustic music from austria 1992-96 

Durchgänge             1991
4 channel composition for two stereo tapes running simultaneously    18 min.
first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
further performances: July 1995, Alte Schmiede Vienna

Neun Nonnen             1991
fixed media stereo     7 min.
first performance: 1991, Institute for Electroacoustic Music, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
further performances: 1994 forum stadtpark, Graz Austria

Bach                 1989
fixed media stereo      20 min.
in collaboration with Elisabeth Schimana 
released on LP "dot", LC 8202, 1989