works for solo instruments

vessel 1.2                2016
piano & live electronics
ca. 40 min.
first performance: October 29th 2016
festival sound dissobedience Ljubljana
Katharina Klement, piano & electronics

further performance: festival comprovise/Wien Modern Vienna
November 21st 2016, Brick-5


vessel 1.1                                               2016
piano & live electronics
ca. 12 min.
first performance: April 6 2016 by Kaori Nishii, p & Katharina Klement, electronics
anniversary concert dedicated to Karl Schiske, university for music and performing arts Vienna


en pente               2016
organ solo
ca. 45 min.
first performance: August 14th 2016, Kapuzinerkirche Murau, Austria
played by the composer

vessel 1.1                2016
piano & live electronics
ca. 13 min.
first performance: April 6th 2016, concert for the 100th birthday of Karl Schiske
university of music and performing arts Vienna
Kaori Nishii, piano
Katharina Klement, electronics

4 variations about "reell leer" from 2004               2013/14/18
piano solo
1 anstaendig abgeraeumt    ca. 3 min.
first performance: June 19th 2016, festival "Landgaenge", Upper Austria
Mariko Onishi, piano

2 tatsaechlich ohne Ausdruck    ca. 4 min.
first performance: September 27th 2013, festival "Klangspuren", Tirol Austria
Seda Roeder, piano

3 ehrlich nichtssagend         ca. 4 min.
first performance: June 19th 2016, festival "Landgaenge", Upper Austria
Mariko Onishi, piano

4 wirklich nichts enthaltend       ca. 7 min.
first performance: July 2nd 2014, Mumuth Graz
Janna Polyzoides, piano

5 ordentlich inhaltslos               ca. 7 min.
comissioned by project "Saiten-Tasten" by Mathilde Hoursiangou
first performance: November 18 2019, Wiener Konzerthaus / festival Wien Modern
Luca Lavuri, piano


YOU and ME               2014
for Max Brand analogue syntheziser & sampler
ca. 26 min. 
first performance: February 28th, 2014 at institute for media archaeology

Schiff und Hut              2012
for hammered dulcimer plus preparations and transducer
ca. 15 min. 
first performance: September 2012, musicfestival Mexico by Franziska Fleischanderl

Hecke                 2010
for amplified subbass-recorder 
ca. 11 min. 
first performance: March 12th, 2010 by Pia Palme, Alte Schmiede Wien

noise:s onie             2010
for cello solo 
ca. 4:30 min. 
first performance: September 18th, 2010 by Kristin van der Goltz, festival Trigonale Austria

recorded at CD jalousie, 2012 chmafu nocords played by Roland Schueler

score available at mica-music austria Notenshop:

Dreh                 2005
for altoflute solo 
ca. 12 min.
comissioned by and dedicated to Monika Swoboda-Kalnein 
first performance: September 15th 2005, Christuskirche Vienna
further performances by Silvie Lacroix at Sammlung Essl, Rowland Sutherland at festival VNM Graz 2011

Aber in der Mitte der Himmel der Gesänge        2005
for bassoon solo 
ca. 15 min.
dedicated to Robert Gillinger (formerly Buschek) 
first performance: April 8th 2005, Alte Schmiede Vienna
released on CD "Passagen", einklang records 2008

score available at mica-music austria Notenshop:

reell leer            2004
for piano solo
ca. 8  min.
dedicated to and performed by Sigrid Trummer
released on CD "fin de siècle", 4/4 Verlag, renova classics

weiß - unweiß                      2003
for solo vl 
ca. 11 min.
comissioned and performed by Annelie Gahl
first performance: October 3rd 2004, Ruprechtskirche Vienna 
released on CD "innaron" 2004, Extraplatte Austria
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W             2001
for bass- and subbassrecorder and voice
ca. 20 min. 
comissioned and performed by Angélica Castelló 
first performance: October 8th 2002, Ruprechtskirche, Vienna

absences         2000
for prepared and amplified clavichord 
ca. 15 min.
comissioned by Land Steiermark, Austria 
dedicated to Manon Liu Winter 
first performance: June 26th 2000 Burg Graz, Austria
released on CD "monde", KalK 07, 2003

6 Schloßstuecke    1988
for prepared piano solo
partly released on LP "dot", extraplatte LC 8202, 1989