ensemble pieces

Tetrachrom                                                       2019/2020
flute, recorder, harp, harpsichord
ca. 15 min.
comissioned by ensemble airborne extended
Elena Gabbrielli, flute
Caroline Mayrhofer, recorder
Tina Zerdin, harp
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord
first performance: february 13  2021 Trieste Prima festival , basilica di San Silvestro Trieste (IT)
(without audience, stream online)



interlaced                                                        2019
harpsichord, accordion, 2 sound pressure transducers
ca. 11 min.
comissioned by Duo Ovocutters
Christoph Hofer, accordion
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord
first performance: october 1st 2020 Musikschule Villach (AT)



offene Kreise                                                   2018
contrasting guitar & percussion
ca. 13 min.
comissioned by Duo Christian Buck & Christian Wolfarth



Táku ehá huwó? Was hast du gesagt?               2017
chamber choir (2s/2a/2t/2b), acc, harpsichord, Hammond-organ,
synth, electronics, perc
according to a speech of Sitting Bull
ca. 20 min.
first performance: July 21st 2017
Musikforum Viktring, Austria



conductor: Christoph Cech
scenic realization: Peter Wagner



teils teils grell      2016
version A: for voice (soprano) and cello
after a text by Oskar Pastior
ca. 17 min. 
first performance: June 19 2016, festival Landgänge, Freistadt Upper Austria
Alexandra von der Weth, soprano
Anja Schröder, cello

version B: for voice (soprano) and contrabass flute
first performance: october 31 2016, Aachen
Maria Regina Heyne, soprano
Susanne Schrage, contrabass flute


lichte Sicht          2014
for 18 string instruments
ca. 13 min. 
first performance: April 3rd 2014, Konzerthaus Vienna, Mozartsaal
Wiener Kammerorchester


SPIN           2012
for stringquartett & piano
ca. 13 min. 
first performance: November 28th 2012, Off-Theater Vienna
Koehne Quartett & Kaori Nishi, piano



einen Moment bitte           2012
part 1: for 8 instruments (bcl, acc, hrn, perc, p, vl, vc, db)
ca. 20 min. 
first performance: August 19th 2012 by Klangforum Wien, Zacherlfabrik Wien




soundscape Schrattenberg            2012
for 10 mobile and 7 stable soundsources
80 min. 
performances: July 14th & 15th 2012, around ruin castle Schrattenberg, Styria Austria




Waldareale             2011
for bass-recorder and bassclarinet 
ca. 12 min. 
first performance: September 25th 2011 by Thomas List and Robert Corazza

score available at mica-music austria Notenshop:

noeud                 2010
for cello, trombone, vibraphone & percussion 
ca 14 min. 
first performance: May 28th 2010, festival e-may, Kosmostheater Wien 
Roland Schueler, cello 
Andrew Digby, trombone 
Berndt Thurner, vibraphone & percussion

cows caused chaos        2009
for 15 instruments
10 min.
comissioned by Linz Kulturhauptstadt 2009
first performance: June 14th 2009, Linz at Circus, Zukunftsmusik 
performed by Ensemble 09, Alexander Drcar

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Jalousie            2009
for alto-, tenor-, bariton-, bass-saxophon
dur. variable
dedicated to Danubia Saxophon Quartett (Peter Girstmaier, Harald Müller, Alfred Reiter, Barbara Schickbichler)
first performance: October 4th 2009, Ruprechtskirche Vienna

further performance: December 4th 2011, Off-Theater Vienna, Mobilis-Saxophonquartett, series "cercle"

bazilicon             2007
for two pianos and two percussions 
15 min.
first performance: April 15th 2008, Austrian broadcast studio Tirol, Innsbruck
released on CD ORF Edition Zeitton, Portrait Katharina Klement 2008

anneau         2007
for baritonsax, bassclarinet, counterbassflute 
ca. 8 min.
comissioned by the Vienna Seminar of Nobel Laureates 
first performance: June 28th 2007 at the Zweites Wiener Nobelpreistraegerseminar, Austria 
played by Eva Furrer, Gerald Preinfalk, Martin Zrost 

verse             2006
for two pianos 
15 min.
first performance: November 18th 2006, festival EXPAN, Werkstatt für Neue Musik in Spittal/Drau, Austria 
by Ute Gareis and Klaus-Georg Pohl
score available at www.certosaverlag.de 
none-pareil         2006 
for two bass-clarinets 
19 min.
dedicated to and perfromed by Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm 
first performance: May 31st, Musikverein Vienna
released on CD ORF Edition Zeitton, Portrait Katharina Klement 2008

schneEFaHrBahn     2005
for violin, flute, tenor- and bass-recorder, clarinet 
8 min.
dedicated to young musicians, comissioned by EXPAN, Werkstatt für Neue Musik in Spittal/Drau, Austria 
first performance: November 18th 2006, Spittal/Drau by pupils of the Musikschule Spittal 

linkerhand und rechterhand             2005
for violin, zither, guitar, doublebass
ca. 12 min.
dedicated to and performed by Ensemble Monopol (Cornelia Mayer, Alexander Mayer, Marion Langer, Thomas Trsek)
first performance: August 20th 2005, Festspielsommer Klaus, Austria

par                     2005
for violin and piano 
11 min.
dedicated to Annelie Gahl and Sigrid Trummer 
first performance: June 18th 2005, Sammlung Leopold, Museumsquartier, Vienna

so streng wie möglich                 2002
for two pianos
21.30 min.
first performance: K. Klement & Manon Liu Winter, October 8th 2002 Stadtinitiative Vienna
further performance: Gloria Damijan & Yedda Lin, November 25th 2011, Klaviergalerie Wendl & Lung, Vienna

scope                 1998/99 
for 4 vl/vla/vc/kb 
ca. 25 min.
comissioned by ORF and "jeunesse" Austria 
first performance: April 22nd 1999 Radiokulturhaus Vienna
further perf.:Ulrichsberger "Kaleidophon" May 1999, Austria
score avaliable at Musikverlag Alexander Mayer 

lauter Laute             1998/2001
for altoflute/ female voice / e-guit / cello/ prep. piano 
ca. 13 min.
comissioned by Ensemble "Ambitus" 
first performance: October 22nd 1998, Tabakmuseum Vienna 
score available at Musikverlag Alexander Mayer  www.mvam.at
released on CD “monde” KalK 07, 2003

7 Variationen über Webern op. 27/2         1995
for vl/clar/tensax/piano 
ca. 20 min.
comissioned by Grabenfesttage Vienna 
first performance: June 20th 1995, 5.Grabenfesttage Vienna
score available at Musikverlag Alexander Mayer www.mvam.at

Polka                 1994
for fl/2 vl/clar/cb/piano 
4 min.
comissioned by “Das bösze Salonorchester" 
first performance: May 1995, Stadtinitiative Vienna  
many further performances

Cis - Zis             1987
for vl/cello/cb/synth/femal and male voices 
ca. 8 min.
no performance

4 Sätze             1987/86
for four stringquartetts (4vl/4vla/4vc/4db) distributed in one room 
ca 25 min.
no performance