music & other media

natura morta                                              2021
video & music/fixed media stereo
10 min.
video by Doris Schmid
first performance: May 29   2021, echoraum Vienna
festival "liaisons sonores"


pianimal                                                     2020
for one piano, 2 pianists, 6 transducers, video
ca. 45 min.
Stefania Amisano & Claudio Cristani: piano
Giorgio Klauer: technical assistance
Conny Zenk: video
first performance: September 4 2020, Teatro Miela Trieste
festival "Teatri del suono / Chaos"


Love - A Memory Sculpture                        2019
soundportrait Mersolis Schoene  3.20 min.
film & drawings : Mersolis Schoene
sound & composition: Katharina Klement
voice: Apollonia Smaragd


En Lumière                                               2016
film, experimental portrait
9:30 min.
Meinrad Hofer, book & director
James Biberi, starring
Katharina Klement, composer
Vivian Winther & James Jolly, producers
Harvest Table Pictures


monde - ein Portrait unserer Väter               2013 
film, experimental documentation
63 min.
Ursula Mihelic, book & director
Elias Jerusalem, cinematographer
Katharina Klement, composition & sound design
first performance: October 6th 2013, Zacherlfabrik Austria
The fathers of the director and the composer are portrayed with the media film and music.


blanks                                                      2013 
for piano, clarinet & bassclarinet, percussion, electronics, video 
ca. 20 min. 
first performance: October 5th 2013, festival musikprotokoll Graz, Austria
ensemble recherche: Shizuyo Oka (cl & bcl), Klaus Steffes-Holländer (p), Christian Dierstein (percussion)  
Doris Schmid: video        Katharina Klement: electronics


HOLE – in search of Opera without Opera    2010/2011
for voice, piano, electronics, video
ca. 60 min.
in cooperation with Lynn Book, Doris Schmid, Robin Starbuck
first performance at festival ArtStays, Ptuj Slovenia July 23rd 2011




 pictures: Robin Starbuck

project FROTH (Future Archeologies of Love and Power)     2010
in collaboration with Lynn Book 
performance in Vienna, live transmitted to NYC 
clavichord & tapes, 10 minutes 
May 13th 2010, at Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Peter Norton Symphony Space, NY City 
produced by Underworld Productions Opera Ensemble 
thanks to my assistant Angélica Castelló (make up & technical assistance) 

 picture: Angélica Castelló

1/8 vom 3/4 Tag                       2010
for piano, recorders, electronics, video 
part 1, der Morgen , 34 min. 
part 2 by A. Castelló, part 3 by M. Osojnik, part 4 by B. Roisz
duration of whole performance: 2 hours 15 min.
first performance: September 18th, 2010 by ensemble "subshrubs" (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, Billy Roisz) Schloss Wolkersdorf Austria

further performances: October 2010 echoraum Vienna, October 2011 Gruenspan - Plattform fuer Kunst und Kultur im Drautal, Carinthia Austria

mute                                       2008
for recorders, piano, electronics, video
30 min.
ensemble subshrubs  (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, Billy Roisz)
first performance: October 2008 festival “Kontraste”, Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems Austria
further performance 2009 festival “unlimited” Wels Austria

Technische Studien                    2007
for piano, blackboard, pickups, performative action
ca. 20 min. 
in collaboration with Peter Brandlmayr 
first performance: April 20th 2007 at VNM-Festival Graz, Austria
further performance February 2008 “Tage für zeitgenössische Klaviermusik”, University for Music and Perfroming Arts, Vienna

RE:next                                     2007
for voice, piano, violin, electronics, performative action 
ca. 50 min.
in collaboration with Lynn Book and Jacquie Carrasco
first performance: March 22nd 2007 at South Eastern Center for Contemporary Arts, North Carolina, USA
further performances March 2007 at Roulette, NYC and Pittsburg, Pensylvania

Chronologie (local times IV)            2006
for piano, video, electronics 
ca. 50 min.
in collaboration with Dieter Kovacic (dieb13) 
first performance: September 20th 2006 at Kunstsammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, Austria 
Kunstsammlung Essl

DVD "Chronologie" 2006

8oo     (local times II)                     2004
for piano, electronics, video & live-drawings
56 min. 
in collaboration with Josef Novotny and Nikolaus Gansterer 
first performance: December 14th 2004, Institut für Elektronische Musik, Graz Austria

further performance: 2008 Porgy & Bess Vienna
released on DVD 88, 2005 extraplatte Austria

concert trouvé                              2000
for prepared piano, tapes, live-electronic, sounding objects, further instruments ad lib. 
ca. 60 min.
comissioned by echoraum Vienna 
first performance: May 18th 2000 echoraum Vienna 
further performances: Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg Austria 2001, Kunstraum Huell Germany 2002 
released on CD "concert trouvé", KalK CD 04, 2000
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moments élastiques                    1999
for tuba, trpt, piano and super-8-film 
9 min.
(film made in collaboration with Andreas Platzer) 
first performance: Dec. 3rd 1999, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria

Stroeme                                  1998
for ensemble (2 vl, fl, acc, bassclar, 2 cb), loudspeakers, video 
ca. 20 min.
in collaboration with Elisabeth Schimana 
comissioned by Wiener Linien on the occasion of the opening of metro-stop Ottakring, Vienna 
first performance: December 3rd 1998 Ottakring, Vienna

Filmscript - Prinzip i                 1997
for speech-voice, tape stereo, trpt, tuba, prep. piano, slides 
ca. 30 min.
text and drawings by Brigitta Falkner 
comissioned by Alte Schmiede, Vienna 
first performance: Alte Schmiede, Vienna Dec. 3rd 1997
further performances: kunsthaus mürz, Austria 1998, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria 1999, echoraum Wien 2000
released on CD "Filmscript - fahrspuren", KalK CD05, 2001

Flugfluchten                            1987
piece for music, dance, speech, slide-projection
ca. 60 min.
in collaboration with Donato Deliano and Andreas Weixler 
first performance:  November 25th 1987, Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz Austria

dis - moll                                1986

piece for dance and music 
ca 60 min.
choreography/dance: Monika Steffen
structure/dance: Katharina Klement
musicians: Andreas Weixler (b), Alberto de Campo (git), Christian Koppensteiner (git), Axel Staudinger (dr)
first performance: June 16th 1986 Forum Stadtpark Graz, Austria