conceptual pieces / open form

lokus fokus                     2016
for any sound producing media
number of players & duration free 
first performance: June 26th 2016, Porgy & Bess Vienna Austria
members of studiodan:
Sophia Goidinger - Koch, vl
Gunde Jaech-Micko, vl
Martina Engel, vla
Maiken Beer, cello
Michael Tiefenbacher, piano

fix five                     2014
for any quartet ad libitum, electronics obligatory 
duration free 
first performance: November 30th 2014 at OFF Theater, Vienna Austria
mobilis Saxophonquartett: 
Michael Krenn, ss
Janez Ursej, as
Yukiko Iwata, ts
Goran Jurkovic, bs
Katharina Klement, electronics

quatuor à trois                     2010
for any trio ad libitum 
duration free 
first performance: November 26th 2010 at echoraum, Vienna Austria 
by Angélica Castelló (recorders & electronics), Manon Liu Winter (clavichord), Katharina Klement (electronics)

chaotic bands in canonical form     2008
for 4 players, any instruments or electronics 
12 min.
dedicated to the ensemble "subshrubs" (Angélica Castelló, Katharina Klement, Maja Osojnik, Billy Roisz)
first performance: May 31st 2008, Festival e-may, Vienna Austria

ein Baum. der Regen. draussen. die Erinnerung        2006/2010
for any number of performers, for any instruments
duration variable
comissioned by “Mozartjahr 2006”, Musikschule Ottakring Vienna
first performance: June 2006, pupils of Musikschule Ottakring in Bezirksmuseum Ottakring Vienna
further performance: October 2009, echoraum Vienna (Gloria Damijan, Gobi Drab, Tamara Friebel, Katharina Klement, Talvi Nurgamaa)

Achtung Baustelle: Musik                2001
for 4 instruments/voices/sounding objects ad lib
duration variable
first performance: March 2001 with pupils of Musikschule Eichgraben at Univ. for Music and Perf. Arts Vienna
further performance: February 2008, "Wiener Tage der zeitgenoessischen Klaviermusik 2008", Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna 

local times I                        1999
for tape mono and slides 
12 min.
first performance: November 19th 1999 polycollege Stoebergasse Vienna
présence                         1992
for performer with costume and piano, loudspeakers, tape, lightdesign
duration variable
first performance: February 2008, “Wiener Tage der zeitgenoessischen Klaviermusik 2008”, Univ. for Music and Performing Arts Vienna